DTM2015 Manipulation Tester

Manipulation tester DTM02015 is used to verify the cottectness and tampering of the tachograph installation. It allows to check the motion sensor, vehicle unit and installation combing elements of the system in the vehicle. DTM2015 can be used to detect interference with the installation of the tachograph in real time - during a roadside check & in the workshop or the transport company.
DTM2015 road manipulation tester is used to check digital tachographs for correct installation and manipulation attempts. The motion sensor, vehicle unit and installation connecting the system elements in the vehicle can be checked.
With DTM2015 tester there is a possibility to read all calibration parameters, DTC errors and digital tachograph settings, as well as data related to the motion sensor, such as:
  • counting accuracy on motion sensor impulses
  • manufacturer and type
  • serial number
  • date of production
  • status
With a special measuring probe included in the kit, there is a possible to measure the power supply of the motion sensor. This allows to detect one of the most common attempts to interfere with digital tachograph installation. Furthermore a system has been implemented in the device that enables to generate a vehicle inspection report and check the motion sensor.

Supported tachographs:
  • Actia S.A.: SMARTACH
  • Stoneridge Electronics AB: SE5000, SE5000-8
  • EFKON AG, Intellic GmbH: EFAS-3, EFAS-4, EFAS RUS
  • Continental Automotive GmbH (Siemens VDO): 1381 up to version DTCO 4.0, 3283

DSRC Technology
There is an option to check the latest smart tachograph versions, including pre-selection using DSRC technology. The DSRC transceiver can be mounted in a vehicle of inspection authorities to read tachographs in motion or on a tripod located on the road.
  • made in cutting-edge technology based on a modern microcontroller
  • 3,0" LCD-TFT colour display with LED backlight
  • battery back-up RTC clock displaying date
  • continous battery monitoring system
  • power supply directly from the vehicle electrical system as a possible option
  • sound signal unit
  • approx. 2 GB internal memory
  • dirt resistant membrane keyboard
  • casing made of durable ABS plastic
  • option to update device using DTM2015 service card
  • energy saving options
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